Virginia Championship Wrestling

Neil Sharkey
Neil Sharkey "The Manager of Champions" is pictured here with the Gentlemen's Club
Real Name: Corneleus Granderson Sharkey
Birthdate: October 17th (The next national holiday)
Birthplace: St. Paul, MN
Currently residing in: None of your business. I will give you pea brains a hint though, it's sunny and warm and all the women flock there to see me!
Age:33 (Don't look a day over 20!)
Favorite Wrestler: (Tie) Lord Everett Devore and Sexsisto
Favorite Manager: Me (Who else??)
Favorite T.V Show: (Tie) Jerry Springer and South Park
Nicknames:Manager of Champions (Sorry Bill Alfonso, I had it first!)
The Smooth Operator
Mr. Excitement
Nasty Neil
The Excellence of Sexecution
Lexie Fyfe's Worst Nightmare
Midas (Everything I touch turns to gold)
The Heat Seeker
The Heat Seeking Missle ('Nuff said morons)
The King of The Night Time World

Champions managed: R.C Luvin: SWA TV Title, UCW Title
Luvin Brothers (R.C and D.C Luvin) NAWA Tag Team Titles, DWA Tag Team Titles
Total Destruction (This fine man passed away in 1998, Rest In Peace my brother):NAWA US Title
Dave Knight: UCW TV Title
Jimmy Jaguar: SWA Junior Title
Big and Beautiful: UCW Tag Team Title
Lord Everett DeVore: UCW US Title, UCW Title
Anarchy, Inc.: UCW Tag Team Title
Sexsisto The Latin Lover: EWA East Coast Title, UCW Title, VWF Title
The Barbarian: VWF Title
The Gentlemen's Club: UCW Tag Team Titles, VCW Tag Team Titles
Jacey North: VCW Cruiserweight Title, VWF Ladies Title
Preston Quinn: VCW Title

Favorite Rock Group: KISS
Favorite Movie: The Color of Money
Favorite Food: Lobster Newburg
Favorite Book: Howard Stern's MISS AMERICA
People I admire: Ric Flair and Mick Foley
Goal in Life: To eliminate Lexie Fyfe from wrestling.
My friends like me because: I am the life of the party!
If there is one thing I've learned it's : Don't let anyone steal your dreams.
If I won the lottery, I would: Put it in petty cash!
If I couldn't do what I do now I'd: Be a professional billiard player, of course!
If I could meet any historical figure, it would be : JFK because he had the guts to put his finger on the button when Cuba messed with him!
If I could date any female celebrity, it would be: I've already dated every female celebrity there is!
If I could be any fictional character, It would be: Plastic Man. Let your imagination run wild with that one.